Use our Switch Kit to make changing banks hassle free!

Switch Kit Accent Photo

Interested in switching your accounts to The Napoleon State Bank…but not excited about the hassle?

Follow the steps below to make switching easy!

Step 1:  Open a new account at The Napoleon State Bank.

Step 2:  Complete the Switch Kit Checklist as a reference guide to help in moving your direct deposits and automatic payments to your new account.

  • Gather your last three monthly statements to help identify all the automatic payments and direct deposits going in and out of your account.
  • Print a list of your current Internet Banking bill pay payees.

Step 3:  Move your Direct Deposits to your new account.

  • Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization form for each direct deposit you wish to set up to your new account.  Give the completed form to your employer or the administrator of your dividends, retirement, or pension payments.  Verify when your first deposit will occur.
  • If you receive Social Security benefits, call them at 1-800-333-1795 or stop in and let us assist you with the change. 

Step 4:  Transfer any Automatic Payments or Withdrawals to your new account.

  • Complete the Automatic Payment Authorization Form for each automatic payment or withdrawal you wish to come out of your account. 
  • Don’t forget automatic payments you had set up on your debit card.

Step 5:  Sign up for Napoleon State Bank Online Banking and Bill Pay.

  • Sign up for Online Banking and Bill Pay.  Stop any payments from your old account and setup them up from your new Napoleon State Bank account on our FREE Bill Pay.
  • Don’t forget to sign up for mobile banking.  The NSBmobile banking app puts tasks at your fingertips. It is free to download and offers quick access for managing your bank accounts.

Step 6:  Close your former account.

  • Verify that all your direct deposits and automatic payments have made the switch to your Napoleon State Bank account.
  • Make sure all your outstanding checks have cleared on your old account. 
  • Take or mail your completed Account Closing Request Form to your previous bank to close your account. 

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, stop by or call a customer service representative at your local branch to help with the switch.We also have the complete Switch Kit available by clicking here.