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Our Rich History

Historical Timeline

1903 - An organizational meeting took place on November 12, 1903 because there was a need for a local bank in the town of Napoleon. The charter was received, and the bank started business on the southeast corner of Madison and Main Streets.

1962 - The bank began to grow in size, and in January of 1962 the Holton Branch of The Napoleon State Bank opened its front doors in Holton, Indiana.

1966 - An attractive remodeling project was finished on the main office located in Napoleon. A new room was added, and the interior was redecorated. The completion of this project gave the town of Napoleon an attractive, modern banking facility.

1978 - The construction of a new banking facility in Napoleon began. The bank was constructed on the opposite side of Madison and Main. Two drive-thru lanes were opened, and equipment was in place for a third lane. The bank was completed in 1979, as well as two fine additions. First, a flagpole and a bronze name plate were erected in front of the building. Secondly, the second floor of the bank building was finished by the contractor to be used as the banking business expanded.

1996 - The board of directors determined the Holton Branch was outgrowing its current facilities to properly service its customers. In May of 1996, Bruns-Gutzwiller, General Contractor, broke ground on US 50 in Holton to construct the bank’s new branch. On November 21, 1996, the bank opened the new location in Holton as a full-service bank equipped with an ATM, two drive-thru lanes, and 24 hour night depository.

1999/2000 - The board of directors decided to open a full service banking branch to better serve the bank’s customers in the Osgood area. September 1999, Bruns-Gutzwiller broke ground on the bank’s third location. On March 13, 2000, the bank opened its Osgood Branch equipped as a full service bank with an ATM, two drive-thru lanes, and night depository.

2006 – The bank in Napoleon began an addition and remodel project on the bank’s main office, that added 3200 square feet to the existing building. The project included six new offices, a work room, loan vault, conference room, board room, drive-up ATM and 24 hour night depository.

2007/2008 - Bruns-Gutzwiller was busy on the main bank construction when Honda announced it was coming to Greensburg, Indiana. Honda’s announcement resulted in the bank purchasing ground on US 421 in Greensburg down the highway from Honda’s new site. In July 2007, the bank broke ground at its fourth banking location in Greensburg, Indiana. Then, on June 9, 2008, the bank opened its Greensburg Branch equipped with an ATM, three drive-thru lanes, and 24 hour night depository.

2012 - In October 2012, the bank broke ground on a 1600+ sq. ft. addition and remodel project of the Osgood Branch. The project included the expansion of several offices, an additional office, board room, employee restroom, work area, as well as updates to the lobby and other work areas. These additions will allow the bank to continue to grow and meet the needs of the Osgood area.

2016- CEO/President Leslie W. Kessens retired. The Board of Directors appointed Mark Comer, Executive Vice President as CEO/President of The Napoleon State Bank

2017/2018 -  In August 2017, the bank annouced future plans to build a new branch on Lincoln Street in Greensburg, IN to offer better conveniences to customers in the area.  In March 2018, the bank announces future plans to open a new branch in Westport, IN in the former MainSource Bank building.   Renovations began on the Westport location in late Fall 2018 and the new construction of the Lincoln Street branch began in Fall 2018.

2019 -  This was a big year for the bank with opening 2 new branch locations, one in Westport and a second one in Greensburg. The bank opened the Westport location on March 25, 2019, after a complete remodel of the building, and has 2 drive-thru lanes, an ATM, and full time lender on staff. The Lincoln Street branch was completed and opened on June 12, 2019. This branch features 3 offices, a meeting room, 2 drive-thru lanes, and ATM and night depository. This location will offer more convenience for our customers in the Greensburg market.

2020- CEO/President Mark Comer retired. The Board of Directors appointed Joe Moorman, Executive Vice President as CEO/President of The Napoleon State Bank. On October 21, 2020 the bank opened it's seventh location in Milan, IN. The newly renovated former Fifth Third Bank building on 843 N. Warpath Drive features three offices, a meeting room, three drive-thru lanes, an ATM and night depository. This location had six employees, including a full time Lender to provide banking services to a new area in Ripley County. 

The Napoleon State Bank serves the Ripley and Decatur counties of Southeastern Indiana. The bank has over $399,944,000.00 in assets as of December 31, 2022, and employs seventy-nine full-time employees and nine part-time employees, and one seasonal employee.

Some information from Ripley County, Indiana History 1988-9