Home Cybersecurity Checklist

April 11, 2017

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Home Cybersecurity Checklist:

The checklist below doesn’t guarantee your security, but it’s a good starting point.  Your goal should be to work toward being able to check off every item as a “YES”.

  • Are you running anti-virus on your computer(s)?
    • Is it a paid service?
    • Do updates automatically run?
    • Is “real-time scanning” on?
    • Do you have daily scans on?
    • Do you have weekly “full” scans on?

Recommended paid anti-virus applications:



  • Do you have strong password habits?
    • Do your passwords have ALL 6 Characteristics:
      1. Upper case letters
      2. Lower case letters
      3. Special characters
      4. Numbers
      5. No Dictionary Words
      6. 8 characters or longer (but the longer, the better)

An example of a strong password: vqL2+@adEdfM7JA



  • Do you do your normal daily activities on your PC as a non-administrator?


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