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Johannigman Excavating, Inc

Johannigman Excavating was started in 1960 by Roman Johannigman in Millhousen, Indiana as Johannigman and Son Excavating. Roman performed work for local farmers clearing and preparing land for farm fields and building ponds. When his sons were old enough to sit on the seat and work the levers, he had them out on the equipment helping. Of his ten children, two really took to the excavating work. John and Ed emerged as the head excavators.

In 1978, John and Ed purchased the business from Roman and it became Johannigman Excavating. It was a meager beginning with two bull dozers and tough ecomomic times to start, but John and Ed's persistency prevailed and the business thrived. In 1993, Johannigman Excavating was incorporated to become Johannigman Excavating, Inc.

A family tradition is a hard thing to break. So in February 2014, a new family member was introduced. John's son, Bob, began working for the company. Bob is a 2003 graduate of Purdue University with a BS degree in Building Construction Management. Also included in the family affair is Ed's son, Brad, who began working for the company in January 2005.

In September of 2008, Bob was ready to step into an ownership role. He purchased Ed's share of the corporation to become a 50% owner in the family business.

Not much has really changed since 1960. Johannigman Excavating, Inc is still dedicated to quality products at a fair price. They strive to maintain this core value and carry it on into the next generation.


Johannigman Excavating, Inc
John Johannigman & Bob Johannigman

5869 S US Hwy 421
Greensburg, IN 47240
P: 812.852.2800
F: 812.852.2801
E: bob@johannigmanexcavation.com