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Gauck's Meats, LLC Logo

Gauck's Meats, LLC

Gauck's Meats was started in 2009 to supply people with farm fresh natural meats.  Both Addie and Christopher (Steve & Kimmie's kids) contribute to the business.  Addie raises the hogs and Christopher raises the chickens.  Gauck's Meats offers pork products, pasture raised chicken and grass fed and finished beef.  You can find them each summer participating in the Greensburg/Decatur County Farmers Market.  

Gaucks Meats, LLC
Owners:  Kimmie & Steve Gauck, Christopher Gauck, Addie Gauck

7117 E County Road 50 N
Greensburg, Indiana 47240
Phone:  812.614.1223 (call/text)
Email:  kimmiegauck@hotmail.com