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Encore Insurance- Samples Agency is an independently owned & operated insurance agency in Versailles, IN. Brad has been an agent for over 20 years evolving his business from what used to be Vollmer insurance to his own Agency- Encore Insurance in 2013. Encore Insurance represents over 20 top rated insurance companies which allows them to best service all of their clients writing the following types of policies: ~ Auto ~ Commercial ~ Farm ~ Home ~ Life and so much more! Their passion is to gift their customers with the peace of mind, knowing that we truly care about them and the protection of their family and possessions! Give them a call for your FREE quote today!

Encore Insurance - Samples Agency
Brad Sample
620 S Adams St. 
Versailles, IN 47042
Phone: 812.689.5630
Fax: 812.689.3001
Email: bsamples@encoreinsgroup.com