Internet Banking Features

Managing Your Accounts Just Got Easier

With our FREE Internet Banking Services, we make it easy and safe to give our customers 24/7 access to their accounts and other valued information. You will enjoy many features including the ease-of-use that our product provides. You can view our product by accessing our online Demo. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Internet Banking representative at 812-852-4002.

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Key Features:

  • Account List – Just point and click to view current and available balance information for any of your accounts.
  • Transfer – Transfer money from a checking or savings account or make loan payments online.
  • Account History – View up to 90 days of account history online or download transactions to a Personal Finance Manager such as Microsoft Money, Quicken or QuickBooks.
  • View Account Statements – Online banking allows you to access your statements online. Online statements give you the power to closely monitor your accounts and quickly stop suspicious activities. You can also choose to stop having paper statements delivered to you. By receiving your statements online, you reduce the chances of someone stealing your statements from your mailbox. Images are currently not available.
  • Stop Payments – Request a stop payment on a check. Note: You cannot issue stop payments on ACH or Web transactions. These require contacting the bank for assistance.
  • Re-Order Checks – Re-order your checks online, anytime.
  • Online Bill Payment – Reduce the time spent paying monthly bills and eliminate check and postage expenses. By paying your bills electronically, your personal and account information is securely transmitted and you decrease the chances of someone stealing your payments from your mailbox. Click here for more details on bill pay or to view our demo.
  • Secure E-Mail Communications - When you sign on to online banking, you are in a secure environment. This means that you can communicate with us via email safely and securely.
  • Alert Messages – The Alerts option allows customers to select accounts they wish to have monitored based on account activity at the end of each day.
  • Reminders – Use this option to build reminders to help you remember special events, birthdays, anniversaries, payment due dates, etc.
  • Session Reports – No need to keep paper. Our product provides transaction auditing which allows you to see specific transactions performed while you were logged onto online banking.
  • Financial Planning Tools – Access to financial planning tools like Loan Calculator, Retirement Calculator, Savings Calculator and Bond Calculator.