Bill Pay

NSB Bill Pay is available to our Internet banking customers for FREE.  Our bill pay product can reduce the time spent paying monthly bills and eliminate check and postage expenses.  You can view our product by accessing our online Demo.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Internet Banking representative at 812-852-1600.

Key Features  

  • Pay Anyone Model – Our bill pay product allows you the flexibility to pay anyone who has a postal address.  If we cannot send an electronic payment, we will send them a check.  There is no limit to who you can pay online.
  • Recurring Payments – For those bills you pay every month, you can setup a recurring payment and you no longer need to worry about forgetting to pay the bill.  You are in control, so you can cancel or skip a payment anytime prior to the date it is processed.
  • Account Summary – Shows the total number of payments already processed for the current month, pending payments for the month, and pending payments for the current day.
  • Payment Activity – Shows all "pending payments" both single and recurring.  As long as the payment is still in pending, it can be changed or stopped.
  • Payment History – Review your payment history for any or all of your accounts.  The user can view the details of any payment listed. 
  • Gift Pay – Send payments in the form of gift checks and/or charitable payment donations.  You can customize gift check to an event or holiday.  This service is not free and a charge will be assessed to your account.
  • eBill – Receive bills electronically from participating companies through your NSB Bill Pay account.