Direct Depositing

Direct DepositTired of taking time to deposit your paycheck? Would you like to have all your pay available for immediate use on payday? Now you can get your pay the safe and reliable way, using Direct Deposit.

With Direct Deposit, your employer sends a credit to The Napoleon State Bank and your funds are deposited into your account automatically on payday. Most likely, your employer will provide a statement on payday indicating the amount of money credited to your account.

Direct Deposit is a safer way of getting your pay, because the check cannot be lost or stolen. Wherever you are on payday - traveling on business, away on vacation, sick at home - your money is deposited automatically.

Signing up for Direct Deposit is easy. Ask your employer for a Direct Deposit authorization form today, and soon you'll be getting your pay the safe and reliable way!

Direct Deposit. It's Simple, Safe and Secure. It's peace of mind.

Safety Notes:

When giving authorizations by phone or internet for deductions from your account do not disclose your check digit number. Also be able to identify the bank routing number and your account number. Not sure where they are? See our anatomy of a consumer and business check below.

Anatomy of a Consumer Check:

Anatomy of a Consumer Check

Anatomy of a Business Check:

Anatomy of a Business Check