New Internet Banking Website Information

October 5, 2018

Dear Internet Banking Customer,

I am writing to share some exciting news. On October 29, 2018, The Napoleon State Bank will be rolling out an entirely new Internet Banking experience. As an existing Internet Banking user, you will be one of the first to experience our new Internet Banking website.

The goal of this letter is to provide information to successfully log in to our new Internet Banking website for existing customers, and to allow new users to enroll. Our new Internet Banking website is scheduled to go live at approximately 9:00am EST on October 29, 2018. In order to prepare for the new changes, the current Internet Banking website & NSBmobile app will be INQUIRY ONLY from 3:01pm EST on Friday, October 26 – 8:59am EST on Monday, October 29. This means that you will only be able to access balances to your accounts through Internet Banking. You will not be able to make transfers, pay bills, deposit checks, etc. during this time.

If you go to after 9:00am EST on October 29, and log on to Internet Banking, you should be directed to the new login page. If you are still seeing the old website, please hit F5 on your keyboard to refresh your browser. Once you see our new Internet Banking website, please follow these instructions:

1) You must first log in through the bank website, do not login through your “favorites” tab or use the NSBmobile app.

2) **IMPORTANT** Your existing Username/User ID will be converted to the new system but will be in all lower case. Select Personal, Business or Cash Management from the drop down options. Enter your username in the Username field, then click “LOGIN”.

  1. **BUSINESS USERS** Unless you have signed a Corporate Cash Management Contract, please select the Business tab to enter your current User ID.
banking login screenshot
3) **IMPORTANT** Your password will not be converted to the new system. Please refer to the conversion letter mailed to you on Sept. 29 for password information. The letter has the same information listed here; however, it includes details for your temporary password. You will be asked to change it before you gain access. Please note your password must be (8 – 17) characters in length, at least (2) numbers, (1) letter, and (2) special characters.

4) You will be prompted to answer 3 challenge questions as seen below. Please enter this information and then click “Continue”.
challenge questions screenshot
5) You will now see your accounts listed and the option to enroll in eStatements. eStatements allow you to receive an email notice when your account statement is ready. You will then log in to Internet Banking to view, save, or print your statements. When you select this option you no longer have to worry about getting paper statements in the mail, ensuring only you see your account information. To enroll, select the accounts you wish to receive eStatements on and follow the prompts. This is a free service that is optional for our customers. Choosing “Ask me Later” will allow you to continue and you will be given the option to enroll at a later date.
accounts page screenshot

Congratulations! You are now enrolled in our new Internet Banking. You may or may not have enrolled in eStatements but can always change your preferences later. After completing the above steps you will be able to login to the NSBmobile app on your mobile device. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us at 812-852-4002.

Christy D. Sutton
Executive Vice President Operations
The Napoleon State Bank