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Wagner Truss Manufacturing, Inc Logo

Wagner Truss Manufacturing, Inc

Wagner Truss Manufacturing, Inc. has been manufacturing wood trusses since 1993.  Wagner Truss designs and builds trusses as simple as yard barn trusses to complex roof designs with multiple roof lines and pitches.  Wagner Truss provides design services, paying particular attention to project details to eliminate potential design and structure problems, prior to building in the field.
Services offered at Wagner Truss Include:

  • Blueprint copies
  • Engineered Roof and Floor Layouts
  • Jobsite Measuring

 Products Include:
             Roof Trusses for residential, agricultural, and commercial applications.
                        - Trusses up to 80’ clear span                       - Cathedral Ceilings
                        - Multiple Roof Lines                                     - Vaulted Truss
                        - Octagon Roof Design                                 - Dual Pitch Truss
                        - Circular Roof Design                                  - Gambrel Roof
                        - Tray Ceiling Design                                    -  Attic Truss (with room)
                        - Parallel Chord Truss                                   - Gambrel Attic (with room)
                        - Hip Purlin Framing                                      - Valley Set Trusses

              Floor Trusses
                           I-Joists for floor and roof systems 
                           Simpson Hangers 
                           Metal Siding and Trim (40 Yr Warranty) 
                           Lumber Framing Packages 
                           Treated Lumber and Posts 
                           Wall Panels               

 Wagner Truss Mfg, Inc
Owner:  Joe Wagner
9410 N US 421, P.O. Box 121
Napoleon, IN 47034
Phone:  812.852.2206
Fax:  812.852.2189
Email: wagner_truss@etczone.com