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Quality Auto Mart & Service, LLC

Quality Auto Mart & Service was born in 1985. They started by working on friends and family member’s cars when they had time. They didn’t think anything of it at first, but then the public realized what a great thing they had going, and today the snowball continues to grow. They pride themselves on the level at which they care for their customers. At Quality Auto Mart & Service, they specialize in helping customers with all of their automotive needs, backed by owner Mark Roepke’s years of hands-on mechanical experience.

They currently have two full-time auto mechanics, one service writer, and one sales person. They really value their employees who work as a team!

At the end of each day they are reminded of how much of a blessing their staff truly is!


Quality Auto Mart & Service, LLC
Mark & Nancy Roepke

7307 St Rd 46E
Batesville, IN 47006
P: 812.934.2301
F: 812.933.1400
E: qams@etczone.com
E:  qualityautomart@gmail.com