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Napoleon Forest Products, LLC Logo

Napoleon Forest Products, LLC

Napoleon Forest Products, LLC is a sawmill that produces quality grade lumber, chips and sawdust.  We also purchase standing timber.  Ed and Art Robbins along with Sean Ison, all from Ohio, purchased the sawmill in September of 2021.  Although the 3 men are new to the Napoleon area, they are not new to the lumber industry.  Together each bring many years of experience, growing up in the industry and following in the family footsteps.  Ed Robbins family dates back to when mules were used as equipment to move logs.  His family owned and operated a sawmill that produced lumber to the government during the war of WWII.

Napoleon Forest Products, LLC
3511 W Napoleon Main St./P.O. Box 127
Napoleon, IN 47034

Phone:  812.852.4090
Fax:  812.852.4091
Email:  april.meyer@napoleonforestproducts.com