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Lilac Physical Therapy

Founded in 2022, Lilac Physical Therapy fills the gap in preventive and restorative care for those who are pregnant, postpartum, or have pelvic floor conditions.

Dr. Elizabeth (Libby) Litmer provides highly individualized and personalized care in a cash-based model.  This allows for more 1-on-1 time with patients, greater patient understanding and ability to improve their condition and connection outside of appointment times.  Libby also offers group classes for education on birth preparation.  

Learn more at www.lilacpt.com

Lilac Physical Therapy
4 South Park Avenue, Suite 250-B
Batesville, IN 47006
Phone:  812.525.5230
Fax:  844.440.2307
Email:  lilacphysicaltherapy@gmail.com