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Twisted Land Services LLC. Logo

Twisted Land Services LLC.

Twisted Land Services LLC offers a wide variety of ground work services with free estimates.  Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Fencing - agricultural and custom metal
  • Fence Repair
  • Gates
  • Trail Clearing - new or existing
  • Waterway/Ditch/Under Growth Clearing
  • Forestry Mulching
  • Tall Grass/Brush Mowing
  • Down Spout Drainage
  • Gravel Driveways - new or repair
  • Culverts - new, existing, or add-on

Twisted Land Services LLC.
Owner:  Christopher Hoegeman
3520 Estelle Rd
Osgood, IN 47037
Phone:  812.212.6911
Email:  twistedlandservices@gmail.com