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Bryan & Lisa Gilpin (Owners)

Jerry Gilpin purchased William Hill Monument Company in 1984, Bill Hill and Jerry Gilpin were on the Versailles Fire Department and after a meeting one night Bill approched Jerry about buying his company as he wished to retire.  After a couple days of conversation Jerry bought the company and Bill trained him on every aspect of producing monuments.  The company could not have been bought from a better person than Bill Hill, we miss him.  Bill stopped every day and was amazed at all the changes in technology.  At that time it became a full time company.  Bill had done it on the side of his regular job.  Bill had got the company from his relatives.  The name was changed to Gilpin Monuments as a part of House & Garden Floral Center which was owned by Jerry & Natalie Gilpin.  

The company grew every year and was one of the first to computerize with the new design program in the state.  This allowed higher and more precise production.  In approximately 1996 Bryan Gilpin joined the company and worked his way up learning all aspects of the operation and took over all of the production side.  We added all new automatic sand blasters and soon lasers to cut and process the stone.  This allowed the most modern designs to be cut on granite.  We became a state of the art company producing picture quality designs.  We grew at 25% to 40% each year adding employees and the best equipment.  We purchased the Mable Evans property and built a new production facility in 2013.  In 2015 Jerry Gilpin sold the company to his son Bryan and wife Lisa Gilpin.  Jerry stayed on to help until 2016 when he chose to move to Colorado and semi-retire.  The business was left in good hands and continues to grow today. 

The tradition of quality and customer service which built this company continues today as in the past 35 years.

610 S Adams Street
Versailles, IN 47042
P:  812-689-6188
F:  216-504-2000
E:  gilpinandgilpin@gmail.com