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David Narwold Trucking

David Narwold Trucking started in 1977. David has lived in the Napoleon area his whole life. He worked for Marcellus (Mart) Haase driving a dump truck and lime truck. Mart passed away in 1976 and David bought the business from Helen in 1977. He hauls stone, gravel, sand, and spread agricultural lime for farmers in the fields. David also hauls out of all the quarries in the area. You can call David at home, 812-852-4470, or his cell phone, 812-498-4827.


David Narwold Trucking 
David Narwold 

10094 N County Rd 300 W 
Batesville, IN 47006 
P: 812.852.4470 
C: 812.498.4827
E: dpscNarwold@yahoo.com