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Billman Trucking, Inc. Logo

Billman Trucking, Inc.

It all began with one truck in 1981, followed by some additional units in the 1980's. Finally, a dream was realized in 1995, when Billman Trucking, Inc., was founded. In 2012, their current location was built one quarter of a mile east on Highway 46. Today, Billman Trucking Inc., stands strong with 30-35 trucks and 60-70 trailers and continue to grow. Van and flatbed services are availble in 48 states with long haul, regional, and local divisions.


Billman Trucking, Inc.
Jerome C Billman

9045 E St Rd 46
P.O. Box 129
New Point, IN 47263
P: 812.663.4324
F: 812.222.6051
E: ar@billmantrucking.com